WD Smartware useless so sloooooow

I have just set up My Cloud, expecting to be able to use WD Smartware to backup my file system. I just configured a small backup job from PC HDD to test. I had to abort it after a few hours as it was getting nowhere fast. Looking at the ethernet data rate it was transferring at 6Mbps most of the time. I am very disappointed as this was my reason for buying the unit. real poor software has let it down.
I set up the same task in the free Microsoft Synctoy Software, and it transferred the same job in 30 or so minutes, looking at the transfer rate it was averaging 700 - 800 Mbps, more like I would expect with the PC and My Cloud Drive both connected to the same 1Gbps switch. I have also seen very many other complaints of the issue. I would never have given WD my money if I knew they couldn’t support the drives with usable software.
Are there any ideas to fix this.

It seems like a network configuration issue because Wd Smartware is working completely fine on my pc. You can try to troubleshoot for the issue from the link given below.