WD Smartware upgrade has made software disappear

I have My Book 1 terabyte.  I upgraded WD Smartware last night to version but the computer no longer lets me access WD Smartware at all.  The drive works, because I can transfer files to it with Windows Explorer.  But I have 750 Gb of files stored through WD Smartware and I can't get to them.



You can uninstall SmartWare, restart your PC and reinstall the latest version.  If still does not work you can find your data by browsing the folder wdsmartware.swstor.

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have the same issue…upgraded the software last night now I can’t access the drive…the unit is running, the software bubble appears (i click on it) and then nothing happens…any advice would be appreciated…tnx

go to programs and run the software from there…

did you try uninstalling already? 

Why not fix the bug in the download?

After trying unsuccessfully to run the updater for version and receiving error code 1603, I tried your suggestion of uninstalling the software but I now receive a “script error while trying to uninstall” via the Windows remove programs and I cannot uninstall WDSmartware. Any suggestions as to how to get rid of this thing so that perhaps I can get my backup drive functioning again???

Have you searched the web - via any search engine - for what “error code 1603” is indicative of in, what I assume is, a Windows operational environment?