WD Smartware Update Will Not Launch Smartware

I just purchased a 500gb WD My Passport and was able to launch the Smartware software after plugging in the drive to my Windows 7 Laptop. The software recommended that I do a firmware and software update. I have updated both, but when I click on the Smartware Icon on the taskbar nothing happens. I downloaded I can access the drive but cannot get the new software to work.

When I click on the original Smartware.exe file which resides on the Passport it asks me what I would like to do? Install WD Smartware, Install Drive Settings or Do Not Install.

I am running Windows 7 on a 64Bit Laptop.

Check the notification area ( bottom left hand corner ) to verify if the software is already running 

You can run the software from there

If you still have issues uninstall and reinstall the application