WD Smartware Update Nightmare

In WD Smartware under Software Settings there is no tab for Back Up Speed. I had it originally and then since the update to 1.6.0 it has gone and I want to change the setting. How do I get it back? It is constantly working and using high CPU and slowing everything else down.

I have only just bought this Passport Essential and am now thinking of returning it as it is more trouble than it is worth. I also cannot get any response from the Help Desk.

Not happy.

Yeah, it was removed on this latest update. If you like the old version you can uninstall the new one and install the one that came with the HDD.

Thank you for your reply - more helpful than WD who have not told me that. I have decided to return the drive as it does not do what it says on the tin, but now cannot erase it. Aaaargh!