WD SmartWare Unlocker Utility Not Working


Since last week am getting this half cropped unlocker screen and am not able to login in i also tried to update HD Firware but at the point where its asking for password (because my HD is password protected) it doesnot give any error message after entering the password wether its right or wrong and the password requesting dialogue box remains at the same place and same is the story with this Drive unlocker utility.

what is the problem?

looking forward…


Have you tried on multiple computers?

yes i did check it on many other computers but its the same…i know the password am entering is correct and if its not correct it should give some kind of error message but nothing is comming the password diaglogue box just hangs for couple of seconds and then again starts to blink with the old password still inside it…soooo any idea or help is highly appriciated. 

Please contact support directly about this issue.

To Contact WD for Technical Support: