WD Smartware uninstall


I have just received a 2TB WD live as a Christmas-gift.

The WD live works perfectly, and so does the WD Smartware program that is on the WD live.

But when I have installed the WD Smartware from the WD live hdd, it tells me that a new update is available (

But when i install the update… The program is still there but it wont open… And it doesn’t find my WD live.

Then I try to uninstall the program… But it is blocked by files like WDRules Engine.exe and System.Data.SQLite.dll.

I have tried program’s like Tune-up utilities, to see if they could remove the files, but with no luck…

When trying to return to an old back up of my computer it also fails.

How do I remove the program and these files…?

And how do I reinstall the program so it works?

I am using windows 7 64 bit

Try to contact WD Tech support, they can send you a software that can help you to uninstall the software. Don’t try to uninstall the software in safe mode, it will not work.