WD SmartWare starts to start then halts with no message

Is My Passport 730 USD Device now a mere Dumb External USB Device?

  1. I can no longer access WD SmartWare to manage scheduled backup to My Passport 730 USB Device.
  2. When I start WD SmartWare (updated using installer file dated 9/11/2015) from either WD Quick View or All Programs, the program starts to start (icon appears and much drive activity), then halts (icon disappears and drive activity stops). There is no message nor program window.
  3. Windows 7 easily finds and recognizes My Passport 730 USB Device (purchased 22-Feb-2011) as Drive E: and I can manually create to it, copy to it, and copy from it with other drives.
  4. I was kind of hoping for the good old days a few years ago when WD SmartWare opened so I could use it : (


I recommend you try unisntalling WD Smartware from the computer and then reinstalling the latest version.

Make sure you go to uninstall program screen and remove anything that has Smartware’s name on it. and then you install the Smartware downloadable from the link below.

WD SmartWare