WD SmartWare software update - 11/16/09

Windows release and  Firmware Update: Release 1.032 available at http://wdc.com/wdproducts/updates/?family=wdsmartware

I updated the software and firmware and the 1TB MyBook Essential external drive is still a dog. I want to uninstall the terrible WD “Smartware” software and reformat the drive so it can be used as a normal external drive. I am running a notebook PC with Intel Pentium M chip and 512MB RAM using Windows XP Pro. I am extremely disappointed in this WD product. I have downloaded Answer ID 3865 but have lost trust in WD, and would like an independent opinion on whether I can reformat the drive and use it normally. I have wasted more than a week trying to solve the problems the WD software has created on my computer.

I Reformatted my 500GB My Passport without any issues, i hear that some people have a hard time deleting the partition with the WD SmartWare on it though