WD Smartware refuses to remove the security feature

I’ve been trying to disable the security on my Passport with Smartware but it refuses to accept the “remove security” command and simply keeps asking me to create a new password.

I had wanted an auto backup function but this is impposible since the drive keeps auto locking itself.

When I first installed it I recieved something about a known defect in the early software and updated mine but it still is the same. I’d thiought about just wiping the drive and unistalling the whole mess but I figured that it would just put me back to square one again.


Once you click on remove security, click on update security settings and the password will be removed.

It will ask you again to put a password again, then you just need to leave that empty and the security will be removed.

So the steps are

a. Type your password in the Password box.
b. Select the Remove security option.
c. Click Update Security Settings.

A the security will be removed.