WD Smartware Questions

Hello there !

I’m new to all this so please bear with me - I have bought a nice 2TB MBL & also a standard Seagate 2TB USB drive so i can try to replicate back ups for extra safety.

I have some questions, if anyone can answer any one of them, or all I’d be really grateful:

  1.  I plugged the NAS into router and tried a full backup (349GB) this way using wireless. After 3 hours and only 30GB transferred, I got fed up. Reset the drive factory settings and plugged the ethernet cable into my laptop. Ran the backup (using smartware) again and it processed overnight. Is this data gonna be ok ? I ask because when i was plugged in directly I couldn’t view the drive on my network at all, but the data seems to have been transferred somehow. So this data is purely backup and isn’t used for streaming etc… just for safe keeping? Do I need to put more/separate data on my drive for this purpose ? I mean it’s not populated any of my shared folders at all… If I want use the share folders, I simply have to drag and drop the folders i want ? This isn’t a problem for me, just checking. Or if there is a better way, what is that ?
  2. How can i then replicate this backup to my Seagate USB drive I have bought ? Without paying $20 for the priviledge through WD Smartware.(maybe a stupid question but i really don’t know)

Sorry for the mass of questions but I really want to get this all right from the start.

Any help would be appreciated.



If is for safe keeping, will be OK for you to use the WD Smartware.

If you would like to see the drive on your computer, you will need to map the drive.

If I want use the share folders, I simply have to drag and drop the folders I want ? Yes.

The other drive wont be recognize by the software if you don’t have the license for it.

You might be able to do that manually, going to the drive and manually drag and drop the backup folder.