WD Smartware Question

I have a question about WD Smartware running on Windows Home Server.  I know there has been a lot of articles on WD Smartware on Windows Vista or Windows 7.  Some people report having problems with Virtual CD Manager  while others report general problems with WDS. 

One thing I haven’t heard much about is insalling WDS on Windows Home Server.  I am sure that WDS is not meant for WHS but I installed it anyway.  The installation went well but when I go to perform an update, WDS gives me a problem about Net Framework.  Basically in order for me to update WDS, I would have to uninstall WDS then update Net Framework then reinstall WDS.

I would like to use WDS to backup Windows Home Server, system file and data, to a WD My Book Drive. 

Has anyone been using WDS hand in hand with WHS or WHS 2011 as a backup solution?

Come on guys, nobody has a Windows Home Server at home?   Nobody in this forum has used WD Smartware with WHS.   I am the only one.

Don’t have Winfows Home server only Windows 8, did you tried uninstalling smartware and then updating to the latest .net framework version? 


No I have not tried that yet.  I will try it and post back my results.

I just wanted to get some idea’s and opinions from the WD community on WD Smartware installed on WHS.  If anyone has been using a WD Smartware on WHS to perform a backup.