WD Smartware problems

I just installed my drive and ran the intial backup which appeared to be successful.  Now if I attempt to perfom an additional backup but the run backup button is greyed out.  How can I run an additional backup?  And how do I confirm the backup was successful?

The “Run Backup” button just starts the backup service. The service will continue to run and not stop until you press the “Pause Backup” so the Run Backup button will always stay depressed. Since the back has been activated, the software will continue to monitor your system and backup files as they are changed or added, there is no reason to press Run Backup again unless you Pause it.

You can verify that a backup was completed a variety of ways. When the initial backup is completed you will get a “Backup Complete” message in the upper left along with a check box. If you click on the “View Details” on the backup tab in between the computer and drive listing, it will usually give you the date that the last backup was ran. Another thing to do is click on the “Retrieve” tab and see if the files that you added are in the retrieve. This means that they are currently stored in the backup and you are viewing what is in the backup set. Sometimes the retrieve needs to be refreshed in order to see newly backed up files. To do this, continually click on the button in the left hand corner (Reselect Destination > Change Retrieve Volume) until it disappears. Then choose your backup volume and click on the “Select Destination” > “Select Files” and it rebuild the retrieve list.