WD Smartware problem.. PLEASE HELP!

So there was a sale on the WD 2TB Essential. I bought it. Get It home plug it in… Everythings going fine… then i try to install just the Lock and disk manager part. IT starts to install. tells me it will take 8 minutes… it gets all the way down to 6 mins… then BAM! the Window Dissapears. Nothing installs, All i get is a temp folder With a Dll file in it. I searched and Searched… I went and updated the Firmware. Tried Again… No go. i have No idea what to do here. i Have SP3, Framework 3.5.

Now Otherwise i can Add And Take Files Off the Hd No problem. And It Works Fine. But I need The Lock Protection to work. I have no idea whats goin on. BuT if anyone can help me! please do!

Wow 54 Views… Thanx For The Help.

This is a users forum not customer service. Did you shut off your antivirus and anti spyware? Did you call customer service?


Joe, I know this Isnt customer service. i just figured out of the thousands of users in this forum, somone could lend a hand. but i was wrong.