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I recently upgraded and received an activation code. However, I can find no place to enter the code. The equipment remains dormant and unrecognised by the PC. I also upgraded the firmware at the same time. I received a few error messages whilst upgrading but all seemed to work ok except that I have no means of activating the drive. How do I do this?

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Please page 32 of the user manual for instructions on how to upgrade to Pro.

Link to manual


Thanks for the response. This is getting rather frustrating. I have already looked at the manual. However, I did not get a dialog display in which I could enter a code. My drive is now inactive and not recognised by the pc. I note that the cost of the upgrade has been debited against my credit card account  and I have an acrtivation code so something must be working. There were problems with the download and I continue to get error messages when I enter my email address in the WD system. How can I get  to the dialog box in order that I can enter my code?


Contact WD Support directly, I’m sure they can help you with that.

WD Contact info:


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THanks. I have spoken to WD support and it seems that my drive died during the upgrade process. I have since purchased a new on and am back in business.

“Can’t access ANY “system” files for backup - useless”


– Simple interface and backup setup
– Works smoothly in background


– NO access to any of what WD calls “system files” Among “system files” are Quicken user-files if you go with Quicken’s standard setup…i.e. Some Critical data does NOT get backed up and CANNOT be backed up with this product unless you move files out of their standard locations to accommodate WD’s limitations


Users will end up surprised when they go to retrieve some of their critical data using this software, as WD places critical user-generated files from some software in their definition of “system files”. Thus, things like Quicken files never get backed up unless the user has moved them from Quicken’s standard placement. Probably others, too, but I was too frustrated with this massive flaw in WD to investigate further.