WD Smartware Pro?

My WD Smartware software is trying to get me to upgrade to the pro version, but I can’t find anywhere that explains the difference between 2.2.0 that I am now running and the Pro version.

Does the Pro version do anything different then the current version of Smartware? 

Also the PRo version comes in two different versions. What is the difference between the Standard and the Premium versions?


WD SmartWare Pro expends the current features provided by WD SmartWare. It allows for most non-WD SmartWare USB hard drives (Even if not Western Digital) to become available for backups with WD SmartWare, and it also allows access to and from your Dropbox account for automatic cloud backups.

The difference between the Standard and Premium Pro upgrade is the number of installation licenses, not the actual features of the application.

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