WD Smartware Pro not backing up certain files and/or folders - Solution

Hello all,

I have recently bought a WD My Cloud, and installed the WD Smartware Pro software. I noticed that some files/folders were not being backed up. After troubleshooting the issue, I have found the following:

  • Right click on certain files doesn’t gave me the option to send it to WD Smartware.

  • The same files were not showed in the explorer view of the backup tab, in Smartware (where you select what to backup).

Now, the interesting part of this, is how I fixed the issue:

  • Went to C:\Program Files\Western Digital\WD SmartWare\Plugins and edited baseblacklist.xml file, removing the     text. This is because I have found that the files affected had the " T" attribute (which means Temporary ).

  • Went to C:\Program Files (x86)\Western Digital\WD SmartWare and edited documents.xml , adding


In my case I have added those two entries because I have found that no xps/oxps files were not being backed up. If you right-click on a file and the context menu does not offer you the option to send to Smartware, then you have to add the extension in the file related to the files affected (i.e. documents.xml, movies.xml, etc.).

In some cases, the xml files related to the content to backup are in one unique location. I don’t know why in my case it’s in two locations (program files and program files (x86)). I think that may be related to the fact my laptop is x64.

Once you did all the modifications, you have to restart your computer, or if you prefer, the two services related to the product, which are:

- WD Drive Manager.

- WD Backup.

If you restart the Drive Manager service, then you will restart both services as are dependant.

I have Windows 10 Enteprise x64, with latest version of Smartware, firmware, etc.

Hope it helps.

Hi there, welcome to the community. Thank you very much for sharing how you solve this, hope it helps some user on the board.