Wd smartware PRO does not recognize wd my cloud

I have the following device:

  • Windows 7 Home Basic
  • WDMyCloud 6 TB v04.04.02-105 : Core F/W
  • WD Smartware PRO 2.4.14

Previous actions:

  • I tried to re-install several times WD Smartware
  • Upgrade Core F/W to last version
  • Upgrade WD Smartware to last version

I can access to WDMyCloud by access page and Network without problems, but Smartware and Discovery don`t recognize My Cloud, any ideas?

Thank you.


Have you tried resetting the devices on the network? If not, please try resetting the My Cloud and the router.

Yes, I tried to restart all devices and is I had same problem. Also, I connected the machine to the Router directly even i had the same result.