WD Smartware Pro Backup Freezes and Hangs

I’ve been trying to back up my files for 5 days now and I am starting to get sick of this. Every time I try to back up my files, it will run good and back up the files, and then I have to go to bed and turn the PC off. When I turn the PC back on the next day and attempt to run a backup and continue where I left off, it just sits at “Copying Files” and makes no progress. I have left it sit for 2 hours and it didn’t do a single thing. No drive activity on my main HDD or on the external.

I have it plugged into a USB 3.0 port.

The program is on the latest version

Do not tell me to uninstall and reinstall the program, I have done that 3 times now and all it does is just start the backup over again from the beginning, and rechecks the files, and ■■■■■ up more time.

I tried to install an older version of the program, but the installer hangs and then freezes up.

I have no idea why it keeps doing this and I might have to end up just using Windows backup from now on if this program continues to be garbage.

I am having exactly the same problem. Was this user given any help?

No I was not. I had to fix it myself.

if it gets stuck on copying files and nothing happens immediately, click disable backup, then exit program, restart it, then click enable backup again, and back up now, and it should start going.

If resuming a backup that couldn’t finish in one day, follow same procedure. It might take 30m-1hr to regroup itself and start making progress again depending on how fast the USB port is and how many files you have.

Thanks. Microsoft decided to update my computer in the middle of a backup last night, so I’ll try your procedure and give it time to regroup.