WD smartware pro asks for a user name and password

When i initial started smartware it found my cloud and started my backup ever since then it is asking for a username and password?


Did you try to uninstall and reinstall Smartware? We have seen many users report a similar issue.

Yes I did and with no luck.

i did a smartware software upgrade could that be the issue?

Do you know what password and username it is looking for?

No I don’t know. I don’t use Smartware. Did you find any other posts related to that topic?

I forgot to mention that if I go to window backup if asked for a password too
I use window 7 professional

Go to User Account and Family safety control panel and in the Windows credential manager, delete any stored credential for the NAS.

Unmount any share you have mounted.

Reboot the computer.

Do no access the public share before you have accessed the Smartware share. Can Smartware reconnect now?

Remember you can use only one user/password combination for one Windows session. If you have accessed the NAS using NASUserA, you cannot access it using NASUsreB during the same session.

What do you mean unmount any share I have mounted

Fixed Problem

under settings/utilities/ system factory restore i did a system only restore.

when i went to WD My Cloud it showed 2 drives in password protected and the other not. I deleted the password protected one and now smartware works without a password.