WD SmartWare Password Guidelines/Rules?

what are the rules for creating a password for your drive? number required? puncuation?

i forgot my password, but knowing the specific guidelines for writing one should point me in the right direction in remembering. 


A precaution is there is no reset or default if you forget it. There is no way to retrieve your data in usable condition without the password.


i understand that. the question is “what are the smartware password guidelines?” 

to be more specific: i’ve had my product for over a year and have used it as backup between two of my computers. but i brought it on a trip, and used it on someone else’s computer and this smartware thing suddenly comes up. 

now, i don’t remember setting a password, but the “password hint” sounds like something i wrote, so i must have. 

you see, i have various “default” passwords i use in many variations for my hard drives, and depending on the variation i choose is dependent on what password guidelines are prompted. for example, “must be at least 8 characters” or “must include numbers and punctuation” or “must include an uppercase”. 

does anyone know what specific rules smartware requires for their password setting?