WD Smartware: Only drop-box as destination instead of EX2

I recently realised that my Smartware is no longer saving data on my EX2. Smartware only allows to secure my data on drop-box. The help function says that I should be able to choose between EX2 and drop-box but EX2 is not visible. What do I need to do? Andy


Make sure the drive is mapped in the computer. Make sure you are able to access the drive. You can also try resetting the drive or uninstalling WD Smartware and reinstalling it.

I have had this problem for a looooong time, on a My cloud.

But after following this it always works.

Please have a look here, just helped for my mycloud

and yes the 4 funny dots are supposed to spell s…u…c…//// k (sorry)

As he says login with SSH

and run these commands

(you can check it with the atop command)