WD Smartware on XP Machine doesnt recognize the NAS

I have a small business that bought a 6TB MBLD for backing up all of their PC’s.

Out of the 8 PC’s 4x of them (Windows XP Pro) does not see the NAS. I have installed the latest version of WD smartware, checked that the firewall is not blocking the software but still no luck.

Is there nowhere in the software to manually select the Nas ???

There is no option for manual detection.  Verify that your XP computers are part of the same Workgroup as the My Book Live Duo.  Besides SmartWare, can you access the drive manually and copy files to it? 

All the computers are part of the same domain. Yes i can access the drive manually and connect to the shared drive.

WD Smartware is just not seeing the drive.

Domain? I don’t think SmartWare was designed to run in an active directory environment. What happens if you configure the computers as a standard Workgroup?

Well it works fine on all the other computers on the domain (3x XP pro’s and 3x Win 7 Pro)

I am having the same issue as you. One laptop recognizes the mybooklive from WD SmartWare while the other one does not. Tried calling WD support and they were useless. I am wondering if it has something to do with name resolution or DNS on the laptop that is not working but have not been able to figure anything out yet.

I had a similar problem which appears to be fixed by >

On the Dashboard go to Settings > Remote Access > Connection Options - select Windows XP Compatibility

Then I could see the NAS drive on my XP machine.

The settings tab is greyed out. So cannot change any settings.

You probably want to make sure you have uPnP turned on in your router. Other things to check are that your DNS settings are correct in the router and your firewall/Anti-virus software is not blocking these kinds of requests. This is typical scenario when that happens.