WD SmartWare not working on 5G WiFi

I have WD SmartWare Pro running on my Windows 10 laptop to backup to a PR4100. This runs perfectly on my 2.4G wifi, but if I switch to my 5G access point (Engenius EAP1750H), WD SmartWare only shows Dropbox as a backup destination.

On both the 2.4G and the 5G WiFi my mapped drives (I.e. \vault-212\public) are mapped and work ok.

I prefer the 5G for wireless throughput.

What dependencies does SmartWare have to discover the two WD NAS drives on my gigabit ethernet (the same one as the 5G access point is connected to)

Do you have two access points, or are you switching modes while using the same physical access point? WD SmartWare would require for the WD My Cloud PR4100 to be connected to the same physical access point in order to locate your unit, even if both networks are linked.

If the physical setup is properly connected, does rebooting your system allow for the app to detect your NAS?

I have one access point that offers 2.4G and 5G. It has different MAC addresses for each wifi radio, but the same GigE+MAC on the wired side.

If I have my laptop in 2.4G mode, WD SmartWare works as expected.
Close SmartWare
Switch to the 5G network (and disable the auto-connect to 2.4G)
Start SmartWare and the WD My Cloud drives are not detected
Restart the PC, WiFi connects as 5G (2.4G is disconnected)
Start SmartWare, My Cloud drives are not detected
I can ping the My Cloud, go to its management page and connect to all the shares offered on it.
Switch to 2.4G, start SmartWare, My Cloud drive show up as expected.