WD SmartWare not recognising WDCloud from my Vista machine

Hi - I bought the WDCloud 2TB today.  I loaded the SmartWare s/w on 2 MACs (Mavericks) and 1 PC (vista).  Both Macs came up immediately (including time machine) with no problems.  The PC recognised the WDCloud and I was able to copy files to the shared area. 

However, when I go to the back-up utility the WDCloud is not visible as an option.  (Dropbox is listed on option, but not enough space to be of use for me)

Any thoughts/assiatance would be greatly appreciated!

First, it’s not an “iCloud.”   That’s an Apple trademark.    It’s called the “My Cloud NAS.”  ;)

When you say you loaded “the s/w,” exactly which are you talking about?   There’s numerous programs and apps.

Apologies - WDCloud 2TB.  The s/w is SmartWare