WD Smartware not backing up XP drive


Just bought this 4 TB drive.

I installed Mycloud and all the related supportive software, and had a weird XP message related to microsoft not supporting XP during install but all else went ok. No problems with the WD files opening.

I am using WD smartware to back up my Windows XP hard drive, but when I click enable backup, nothing happens.

The software analyzed the drive for a while but now, nothing.  No error, no warning, just clicked enable, nothing happens.

The XP drive is only 75 GB. 

How can I back this drive up?

Thank you


I take it you set up XP in the Dashboard, see image below.

With SmartWare what do you see on the Home tab and then on the Backup tab? Are you able to provide some images?

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cat0w (USA)