WD SmartWare not backing up My Documents under windows Xp

hello, nice to meet you on the net. Here is the first time.

I bought an external drive for backup near one month ago, called My book Essential 2 Tb. I just noticed that the SmartWare does’nt save My Documents.  All other things seem correctly work  (images folder and other folders …also containing well backed up documents…)

It seems that the SmartWare doesn’t see  My Documents !   My configuration is not usual however.

 I put all the folders My Documents to another partition than the Xp one so, I have a first partition containing windows Xp on a physical drive 1 (volume C:/)., the active partition. My Documents folder has been moved (using microsoft procedure) in  another partition reserved for data on the same physical drive  (volume F:/).

Having a look with  Windows explorer to F:/, you’ll see folders like:  Videos, Musics, Papa, Photos,Telechargements and so on. When I click on My Documents into the start menu, I get the content of the folder “Papa” .

Papa is just a user besides “all users” and “Default user” in the Documents& settings folder on the C:/  partition.

Do you think this structure could be the responsible of that situation ? All partitions are visible on the explorer, indeed !

WD SmartWare

firmware 1003

Thank you for your help


With the mutiple partitions it’s more apt to be the Smartware and it’s quirks. I only used it once and uninstalled it.



thank you for your answer

it’s a pitty, because to be able to backup the folder “My Documents” is the main reason to have acquired this external drive and its “smart” software !

in any way, again, thanks a lot

richard (from belgium)

You can try something like SyncToy free from MS or GoodSync. They are both simple to use.


how many partitions do you have?  does smartware show the f partition when you go to setup the backup options?