WD Smartware Netbook Screen Setting?

I recently purchased a Netbook and I love it…even with Windows 7 starter.  However, the WD Smartware software is not user friendly.  I cannot see the bottom part of the screens to be able to click start or stop for back-ups and for simply using the program.  My screen resolution is at 1024x600 and changing it to 800x600 doesn’t help.  Any ideas?  I’d love to have my files backed-up!

When you say you cannot see the bottom part of the screen do you mean the navigation buttons do not appear?

If that it so  you may need to install or update Adobe Flash player.

If you have multiple updates for Java, you may need to uninstall each Java update and then install the single current update. For example, if you look in control panel>add/remove programs> you may see Java 6 update 2, Java 6 update 12 and Java 6 update 18. If this is the case, uninstall these items highest to lowest. Once removed go to Java.com and download the current version. You will now have a single current version.

  • it has the latest version of Flash Player. www.adobe.com

  • It has Microsoft Net Framework 3.5 SP 1 (XP and Vista)