WD Smartware - Mybook Live : No Smartware Partition

when i open smartware for mybook live it found no smartware partion

how can i add those partition?!?

The my book has a hidden partition for smartware, you can map it using \mybooklive\smartware.

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[MYBOOKIP]\mybooklive\smartware in Browser?!? That dont work

And no there is no folder… it was pre edited in folders cause it was a gift for me

I have just bought a My Book Live 3TB NAS Drive.  I have mapped the public folder (which has Music/Video and Pictures already listed as subfolders) I also mapped the Smartware folder that was on my drive.

I am running windows 7 Home Premium SP1 (Fully updated), My NAS drive is running the latest firmware (MyBookLive 02.32.06-006 : Core F/W) and I downloaded the very latest smartware (version 1.6.4) only today.

When I run smartware, the My Book Live shows up (and I can open dashboard/properties etc) but under it it just says

“No writeable WD SmartWare partition found” and the Backup and Retrieve tabs are greyed out.  

I have tried re-installing the Smartware software, I have rebooted both my PC and my WD Drive but it always comes up the same.  The quick view shows my dirve is their, I can see it in file explorer (and it is mapped).

Can anyone help, I have read the forums which is why I have tried all the above, any other ideas?

I just installed the same software on my new windows 8 laptop and that worked fine, backed up and everything, so its just my windows 7 desktop that isn’t working :frowning:

Hi Gremlings;

I had the same issue with MS Vista!

Check / compare your network settings - this settings helped me out (sorry, can only provide German version):

Cheers, Martin.