WD Smartware, My Book Essential, purchased in 2011

I have a windows XP operating system.  I have had the external hard drive since May 2011.  I’ve had this problem repeatedly.  I am having trouble with the computer NOT recognizing my Smartware device.  I can open the program but I’m not prompted for my smartware password.  The only options it is allowing is to update (which I have done) and change the settings for software. 

My autoplay isnt automatically coming up and I can’t find the smartware device in my control panel. 

Hi, if you have a windows computer try going to the my computer/computer windows and look for the unlock icon, if you have a map, the unlock icon should be on the desktop. If you don’t see any, then the computer is not recognizing the my book, so try another USB port, or another USB cable. 

Thank you for the suggetions, but it’s still not working.