WD Smartware Missing

Hi all, first time post.

I was having problems with my pc and needed to format. I disconnected "My Book Essential and formatted the pc, then reconnected the drive after I’d done the windows update.

Problem is I can’t install the WDSmartware. The drive is recognised in “My Computer as L Drive”  so I could drag n’ drop files that way, but I liked the automatic back up from the smartware.

When I download then try to install the  WD Smartware utilities (VCD Firmware) I get the error message

" the application encountered an error and is now closing"

Any suggestions? :cry:

Hi there

Try the following link to download the WD Smartware disk image for windows or mac


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Thank you so much!.. it’s installed and backing up :0)

Good to know !! :smileyvery-happy: You’re welcome

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