WD SmartWare keeps stalling randomly on backup

I have the 2 TB model of the My Passport running on USB 3.0 and have been reading through the multiple threads about this issue, tried any and all “fixes” for it but to no avail.  The only software updates on the support site are for SmartWare and uninstalled and installed this many times.  I have downloaded the Firmware Updater utility and is says I have the most current version of v1.010

I am just doing a File Backup with random folders spanned across three internal drivers.  It hangs at random points in the backup.  Sometime it will get down to just 54 files left which it will not backup even though the files are not in use.  Other times it will get stuck at 31,000 or so files and do the same thing.  It is not like it is just one type of file either.  It ranges anywhere from executable files to jpegs.

No virus scans are running.  No programs are using the files.

Please advise.

What version of smartware?

What OS do you  have?

Running SmartWare version 1.6.0 on Win 7 Ult x64.

Hmmmmm… Any ideas from anyone?

Not sure about this one dude

try uninstalling and reinstalling the software

I am having the same poblems as Madman. It’s a complete waste of time. The program stalls, misses important files when it does complete. My conclusion - SmartWare is rubbish. I think I will just use a file/folder sync program and not bother with WD’s **bleep**.

Well to each its own

I don’t use Smartware either but some people like it

Try Windows backup or better yet just drag and drop the files