WD smartware keeps copying files

Hi , I have a problem with the software on my PC, I created a backup schedule of 20 smal files from C drive on Mondays 2 PM. When I try to make the backup of  these files out of schedule the sftware goes crazy and keeps copying files dont know where and why and cant stop. The passport disk is not working. I try to backup only 20 small files but the sftware does something saying copying files for long time and I have to switch it off. Also Im  not sure if this software created the backup at all??

Please halp,

Hello, be sure to have the latest Smartware update installed (2.4.1), also close any program that might be using the files that you are trying to backup. You can manually explore the backup folder to see your files, just look for the smartware.swstor folder inside the external drive. 

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