Wd smartware issue - OSX maverick

model: My passport (WDBBEP7500ASL-NESN) 

my device is recognized by OSX maverick, also recognized by firmware update, and wd security and utilities. S.M.A.R.T stauts passed, complete drive test passed, and quick test passed. under disk utilities disk verification and repair is okay. however, Smartware software does not recognize my device, and i cannot setup this new device, as the button “set up Drive” under drive setting is “greyed out” … what could be the problem ?

i have another wd HD, model : My Passport Essential (WDBACY5000ABK), and it is recognized with smartware. 

Note: i have updated to the last update. also i unistalled and installed the software, but no luck 

what could be the problem? 

Hi chemotkbilo, currently your Passport model only supports the Windows version of Smartware, for Mac’s you can use Time Machine. Check the links below for more information. 

Mac Basics: Time Machine backs up your Mac


My Passport Downloads


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seems like this is the possible answer, since wd customer support also gave me the same answer. 

how come an older model of my wd is supported on mac, and the new one is not? 

it seems like a backward step from western digital. 

i am not using it from backup, therefore it is not really a big issue whether smartware works or not, i just thought maybe something went wrong with the drive or something. but using smartware drive lock would have been nice. i guess i have to settle with either true crypt, or OSX own encryption (they are better also).