WD SmartWare issue on Win7: no text on screens


I’ve just purchased “My Passport Essential” USB 3.0 500 GB.
When installing the software on Win7 SP1, got an interesting issue: 

no text is displayed on the screens of the application. See links to screenshots.

The version preinstalled on the disk is, but this problem still persists after update to



The cure is to click on the info icon in the right upper corner. After the info window shows up, text in the main window shows up as well.

So this nuisanse is solved for me and I won’t report it to the support.

(but should they want more details or repros I’d be glad to help).

System details: Win7 SP1 Home premium, English. Almost clean (installed only MS updates after setup.

Flash isn’t installed yet, that’s why I could not attach pictures to the post).



Make sure you have .Net Frameworks 3.5. Also try  loading the latest version of Adobe Flash player. 

Try uninstalling the software and installed the latest version from scratch.

Wizer, thank you for your attention.

With all due respect - my machine has complete, clean installation of win7 SP1, so the .NET state should be out of question.

Flash is not installed, and I don’t want to install it.  If I understand correctly, the only function in this app depending on flash is displaying startup animation. We can live without it.

Also, note that the text eventually gets displayed, without any system changes - only after clicking on controls in specific order…

So IMHO kudos go to the WD QA team, for doing excellent testing job … next time :slight_smile:

Thanks and regards,

  • ddbug