WD SmartWare icon in system tray

…on click (right or left) only provides for About WD Quick View.

Anyone else have this problem?

What can I do to enable the full popup menu options?


it means that the software isn’t seeing the drive.  If you open a browser and type http://mybooklive/UI do you get the dashboard?

If not, you may have a DNS issue.  Try changing the DNS address of the NIC or wifi adapter to to see what happens.

Thanks for the response.

I suspect the problem is my PC. Several days ago I noticed the system tray was showing only a single icon, Norton. I googled the problem and found a fix that involved disabling two services < http://bit.ly/VheFSD>. That did the trick. But left the WD Quick View icon only partially enabled.  So I thought the problem might be with the Mobile Book Live.

Thanks again. I’ll continue searching for a solution for the PC.