WD Smartware has stopped working

After clicking on Install WD smatware button on the what would you like to do? prompt on the welcome to WD smartware screen,

It started installing but then suddenly stopped. A message then came up saying: A problem caused the programme to stop working correctly, windows will close the programme & notify if a solution is available.

And now, whenever I double click on WD Smartware.exe, it shows me the same message and I haven’t been able to complete the installation process.

Can anybody help here?

Do you have windows xp? if yes, you need to install Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5 and Adobe Flash Player 9 or higher, then uninstalled WD Smartware from the computer ( if it is) and re install it again.-

Mine stopped working as well. However, the uninstall won’t complete, giving me ERROR 1603.

This happens to me, at the end, I contacted WD support, they sent me a software that removed the WD Smartware.

I solved it on my own with TuneUp Utilities, but any registry cleaner should fix it.

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