WD SmartWare for My Passport 0740 clarification


At WD SmartWare (for My Passport 0740), there are 2 columns: one is for the selected drive/partition, and the second for  My Passport drive. Why when select drive D: the Mail category is “yellow” colored, large volume content (42 MB) while at My Passport drive column all categories are “blue” colored and the volume content is considerably smaller (2MB)?

Also, when I use the Backup tab in that situation I get a massage “partial backup is accomplished”. Why? What could make the backup fully accomplished?


What version of WD Smartware are you running?


My WD SmartWare version is



Maybe this is part of the answer - cut and paste from manual

* For a category backup, the blue background in the content gauge for your computer’s internal hard drive changes to yellow/amber for all of the files that have not yet been backed up.

• The gray background for categories or files in the content gauge for your My Book or My Passport drive changes to blue as the backup completes.

Can’t explain the size difference - although  because the backup is not complete maybe that explains the ‘partial backup complete’ message.  I think the backup has not finished yet.  My experience of the backup on an old version of Smartware is that it takes a long, long time and slowed down the computer considerably while it was doing it - CPU intensive and writing to WD as well.

Rather than muck around we removed the password from the drive and uninstalled the WD software and use another backup program now (EaseUS Backup),