WD Smartware, files larger than 50 MB reporting "File Pending backup" and not backup after many days

Windows 7, 64 Bit, SP1

WD Smartware: Version 1.6.4

Smartware Backup Type: File Backup (not catagory backup)

I have 10 files (none of which are open or being used) that are not being backed up.  All are over 50 MB.  Smartware reports as “File Pending backup”.  However it has been more than 2 weeks since it was scheduled to backup.

Check the link below to see if the files types are supported or not. You can also copy the files manually. 


The type of backup i’m using is: “File Backup” (not category backup)

Other files of similar type have been backed up.  Only common issue with the files that have not is that they are over 50 MB.