WD SmartWare Error Code: 1627 (Installing WD Quick View)


I’m trying install WD Quickview on XP Desktop machine and it comes back with an error code 1627. Please try again or contact WD support for assistance.

How else can I access my drive with out Quickview ? Initially I had some problems because I didn’t have upnp under Network Services installed or SSDP Discovery Service enabled in Services but now it’s all installed & enabled accept for WD SmartWare QuickView ?

It’s installed fine on two laptops 1 XP & another windows 7 my desktop running XP


quickview is just a notification-area monitoring station and launching pad.  you can still get to the dashboard by going to http://mybooklive/UI or even better, by directly entering the IP assigned by your router.

You can also use WDlink.