WD Smartware don't show my HD on Settings tab

Just bought one HD My Passport 2TB and i want disable WD Unlocker but, i can’t do these things:

 - My brother setup one password and i can’t remove it because on Smartware my hd dont appear on settings tab.

 - I have WD Security but with that, can’t remove password or security from drive

 - I already update Smartware and hd driver with their latest and search all over this forum but, can’t find the solution.

 - vcd manager can’t find any drive attached

 - on UDF partition of my hd, don’t have smartware program, only wd unlocker 

Anyone can help?

Hi, if you unlock the passport and then go to smartware and click on the passport icon from the home tab, it should make it available on the settings tab. 

Thanks for the answear.

Just dit that:

 - Plug my hd

 - Unlock it

 - Opened Smartware

 - Click one time on hd (can see model number and firmware number)

 - Go to settings tab

 - Only my pc is there, not my hd

One thing i forgot to mention: i’ve just formated my hd when it arrives, on NTFS