WD Smartware doesn't 'see' BB Live network drive (MAC)

MAC 10.6.8

Running all the latest firmware and software, when I open Smartware it goes through the categorizing files stage and finishes ok.

Problem I have is the ‘Backup’ and ‘Restore’ tabs on Smartware are greyed out - on the ‘Home’ tab I just see my MAC - no sign of the MB Live drive. I can see it via the Web browser, also have MB Live to browse as a ahared disc.

I’m having to manually copy files I want to back up over using cut/paste.

Can anyone offer any assistance please?


when you go to the dashboard, are you typing in the IP of the MBL, or can you get there using http://mybooklive

I can get to the dashboard fine using both the name and IP address (I’ve set MBL up with a static IP address)

The user manual clearly says Smartware doesn’t work with the MBL on OSX; use Time Machine instead.

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Fair enough - thanks - a little strange why they make they make the software available though if it doesn’t work…