WD SmartWare does not show all directories on a drive


I’ve just installed WD SmartWare and when I go to back up drive E: on my computer its not showing all of the top level directories in file backulp mode.

What reasons would it not be showing all of the top level directories on a drive to be backed up ?



What version of Smatware are you running?

Is the E drive and internal or external unit?

Make sure to follow the steps bellow on how to backup with Smartware.

How to backup specific files and folders using WD SmartWare Version 1.6.x and earlier


 - Latest version of SmartWare - just installed

 - E: drive is local hard drive - not external HDD or anything else like that

Link was unhelpful.  The only thing it did say was that ‘certain files and folders are excluded’ - which is unnecessarily vague.  What exactly determines whether a folder or file is included or excludedf ?

can’t answer why, but if u wait until the drive is backed up, you can go to View Files and click retry, whick should get them.  Seems like it waited until all was done and went back to clean up those tagged files, but i know it did eventually get them.

My problem is that Drive E: supposedly has 592GB of data on it according to Windows but WD SmartWare is saying its backed everything up in 206.52 GB.

How can that be ? Is it doing some form of compression ?  Or is it not backing up certain files or directories ?

I don’t have an answer, but I have the same problem.  When I view the list of directories on my C: drive, C:\temp is not even listed.  Installed the latest patch from Nov. 2013, btw.

Has to be a bug or the software is deliverately ignoring :\TEMP. 

WD - I’ve logged this as a support request but have yet to receive a response after a week ?  Hello ?