WD Smartware does not see WDMyCloud device over the Internet

Hi, I have been searching through numerous articles here but none seem to clearly answer my question:

My installed WD-Smartware sees my MyCloud Device just fine as a target when on the same LAN. But once I move my PC to another Internet connected location the only target it sees is my DropBox.

Its not the Internet connectivity of the Device itself or that of my own remote location - I can see the WD MyCloud device just fine in any remote location using the WD MyCloud or WD MyPhoto App - in my PC, Android and Ipad. Even if I am connected to the Device over a VPN - so that I can map a Share from my PC directly to the MyCloud Device LAN IP - the Smartware still does not seem to list my Device. Before I research this further…

Can somebody just confirm that a Smartware (Cloud) backup from my PC to a “remote” WD-MyCloud Device is possible by design or is it only available via DropBox?

The Smartware Manual is not very clear on this.

WD-MyCloud-EX2-4TB WD Smartware 2.4.1 (upgraded to Smartware Pro - linked to DropBox) WD MyCloud Version: Windows7 Professional-64Bit

Thanks Axel


WD Smartware does not support over the internet backup.

You might be able to do that using a third party applications. However, this procedure are not supported by WD.

See if the following link helps.


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Ok. Thanks for the feedback and answer. Perhaps the Smartware Manual should highlight this? Regards Axel