WD SmartWare does not open in Win7 Pro

I am a new user of WD external drives. I have a WD My Passport Ultra 4TB portable hard drive. I installed the WD Software under Windows 7 Pro. WD SmartWare shows installed on the StartUp menu, but does not open. I have no clue as to the version since the version is not shown under Properties.

Under the SmartWare Folder another program named Quick View is shown. It also refuses to open. How do I access this software?

I set up my back up for: C: [500gb ssd], D: [1tb ssd], and F: [500gb ssd] internal hard drives. I am unable to determine if the backups have completed. The backup software only shows folders, NO files. The WD drive itself indicates only 13% of drive has been used. However, the drives I am trying to backup hold over a terabyte of information. Shouldn’t the drive show at least 25%?

The backup software never indicated if the backup completed its task. I am totally lost as to how to determine this. I had hoped the WD Smartware would help with this information, but as stated above the software refuses to open. . .

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Windy M

I’d recommend a clean install of WD SmartWare. Uninstall the app from Programs and Features in the Control Panel, and then install the latest version of the program directly from WD’s site.

If the application refuses to open even with your hard drive disconnected then try using WD Backup instead.