WD SmartWare does it make any changes on entire files on (C:,D:) drives

Does WD SmartWare modify’s original files that back up’s from computer drives (e.g. changing date opened, date modified fields)? The reason that I am asking is that during backup I pressed on WD SmartWare icon in system tray exit. Than removed WD Utilities including WD SmartWare from the computer. But on MyBook I have folder “swtor” which contains backed up files I also removed it. But the questions: did WD SmartWare make any changes in my files on computer as I pressed exit on WD SmartWare during back up (I did not pressed cancel backup I just pressed exit on tray icon while backup process was active, than I just deleted WD SmartWare, so now I am worrying if my files on laptop drive where not corrupted or removed). So does WD SmartWare not corrupting, modifying, etc. files on laptop drive if I even shutdown MyBook with out ‘safe removal’ while backup process is active? And I guess date modified, date opened(accessed) fields should change as WD SmartWare try’s to access to files than copy on MyBook, or it works in different way? Thanks!

So if WD SmartWare have direct access to laptop files why the ‘date acessed’ timestamp field is not changing? In any case if a MyBook even will be removed from power cord while SmartWare backup files nothing will be cause with the original files on laptop which was copying by SmartWare at the moment?

No changes are done to the files on your computer.

Files will remain on the backup drive if not deleted.

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Thanks! But than why ‘date accessed’ timestamp on laptop files are not changing with the date corresponding to when backup was made or WD SmartWare copying files in another way? And in anyway original files on laptop are protected from change during WD SmartWare active backup process, if an even accident power surge happened and MyBook was switched off?


The files are in not way altered from its original state.

Bare in mind that copying a file does not change or affect the original files content.

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