WD Smartware constantly re-mounts after it is ejected

Hi all,

We have a 1.5TB WD Studio HD and it has this WD (Not so)Smartware program mounting. When I eject the WD Smartware, it mounts straight back up again in a matter of seconds, this happens everytime. Ultimately this means I cannot update the Firmware as it keeps recognising the WD Smartware as a second drive. How do I solve this problem I am having? 

Cheers in advance,


The firmware updater can’t work if the drive’s ejected so while it shouldn’t be remounting, you shouldn’t (in this case) be ejecting it.

The SmartWare virtual CD won’t interfere with a firmware update, so as long as no other application is accessing the storage part of your drive, you should be able to update the firmware.  If all else fails, another Mac or even a Windows PC should be able to successfully update your drive’s firmware, and then you can take the drive back to your Mac.