WD Smartware backup to Dropbox

Hi All.
I purchased the Pro Version to backup my C Drive to dropbox. I have the Dropbox APP installed on this PC, So there is a Folder on the D Drive… Ie. D:\Dropbox
When I perform the Backup, It copies the C: drive to the D:/Dropbox/Smartware folder THEN it syncs up to the Dropbox account.
I dont think my D Drive is large enough for this. Can I deselect the D:/dropbox/smartware folder from the DropBox Sync app or is there a way to bypass storing to the D:/dropbox folder and go straight to Dropbox.

Hello, I do not have dropbox installed on my computer and when I backup my internal drive to dropbox all the files go there directly. Other than that I dont think there’s any settings that you can change in the smartware for that.