WD Smartware Backup Starts Over From Start

Perriodically, my WD Smartware seems to start all ovver with backups.   On the home tab, it shows that nothing has been backed up, despite the fact that I have backed up for years (e.g., everything orange in the left PC column and everything gray in the right MBLD column and then in the Backup Tab showing 0 gb and files baccked up). 

When this happens, I have no idea what is really happening.  Is the Smartware overwriting the files that were already backed up – OR creating additional backups taking up more space on the MBLD??  

This is why there really should be something that looks like a directory file manager (e.g., like Windows Explorer) so we could see what the heck is on the drive.  It is currently like a black hole. Does anyone have any idea how to see what is on the drive??  I know you can use the Retrieve function to quasi-see what is in the backup – but that does not mean we can see everything that is on the drive (e.g., multiple backups and other orphaned cyberspace junk).

Incidentally, this just happened again when I updated the WD Smartware version with the latest software which is what prompted me to write now.  Does this happen to others??  If so what the heck is happening?  

btw:  After positing this message, many hours later I still see that my backup is at 37.03 out of 58.01 GB copied – what can be going on.  I realize that it might be held up trying to backup open files like my pst file when Outlook is open, but I dont have 20 GB open.  

As always, sure would appreciate WD Community support.  Thanks.  

Smartware is a continuous backup program, once you start the first backup, if will only continue to add the new files you save on your PC. You have the option to manually explore the Smartware backup folder, called “smartware.swstor” from the My Net public folder. 

The latest release of the Duo firmware will give you access to the SmartWare folder.

From there you could check the folder size and compare it to your drive usage. I am pretty sure you can navigate your files as well, but not positive. I have not used SmartWare in a while.