WD Smartware Backup Help needed

Hello forum member,

i used WD smarware to make backup of my drive (folder/files backup)…it was good and working fine, but then i installed a new windows on my laptop, now when i start backup, it is making whole new set of folders, but i want it to merge new backup with the old one as the name and number of folders is same… can anyone help me out?

Won’t work, Smartware will separate the backups as it will consider the files to belong to a completely different and unrelated computer. You’ll have to restore the files to the computer with the new version of Windows, then format the drive to erase the old backup and start over, otherwise you’ll have 2 backups (Old and new).

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on top of that, you may not be able to restore them to their original location. you may have to dump them in a general folder and sort them to the locations you want.