WD SmartWare Backup Files Real Time Delete Confirmation

Lets say there’s a case:  

  •  i copied a wrong file from a USB drive into my Laptop… then i delete it


  • i downloaded a wrong file into my download folder… then i also delete it


amazingly WD SmartWare Backup has finished copying a backup file for those file in my WD My Book Studio (running in background)


but, what if i dont want those wrong file(s) to be backed up? or maybe in other users cases it will create unwanted duplicate files inside My Book Studio… then it will save more space on our backup drive

So, i think it would be great if SmartWare Backup creates / show a delete confirmation when we delete a certain file(s).


“There is a backup file created with this entry. Would you like to delete it also?”

“Would you like to delete On your computer or include backup file?” "Choose:  On My Computer  or  Both"

This feature requires advance user settings, just to prevent user to accidentally delete both… well, as long as we do not Empty Trash or Empty Recycle Bin :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope this would be usefull for WD user experience

Smartware is designed to be a continuous backup program, but you have the option to explore the backup folder (Smartware.swstor) and delete any file.